Multiple Patents Granted and Pipeline of Ophthalmic Drug Candidates

We have shown that multi-kinase inhibitors can suppress cornea neovascularization and regress grafted human pterygium tissue in animal models. Our studies have enabled us to globally file a patent for a novel method of use of multi-kinase inhibitor class of compounds for pterygium treatment. We have already received three patent issue notifications from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Among the three issued patents, US 9987223 is for multikinase inhibitors to treat pterygium, US 9980901 is for multi-kinase inhibitors and antimetabolites combo to treat pterygium, and US 10149820 is for compositions and methods for treating pterygium.

In addition, we also have 15 pending patents worldwide for other compounds.

The lead candidate, CBT-001, is a Phase III ready disease modifying therapy to treat pterygia, a common ocular disease. Other compounds under development are for the treatment of pinguecula, glaucoma filtration surgery, adjunct therapy for cornea transplant surgery, and age-related macular degeneration.

Cloudbreak Therapeutics Projects

Cloudbreak Therapeutics pipeline chart