CBT-005 is an ADS compound which use anti-angiogenesis antibody to connect to a multi-kinase inhibitor through a linking molecule. After the vitreous humor is injected into the vitreous, the multi-kinase inhibitor will be slowly released from the ADS compound and maintain an effective concentration until the parent ADS compound is eliminated. 

Due to the synergistic effect of anti-angiogenesis antibody and the multi-kinase inhibitor blocking multiple pathogenic pathways, CBT-005 will induce degeneration of neovascularization and improve the therapeutic effect. Anti-angiogenesis antibody blocks VEGF-A. The multi-kinase inhibitor blocks all three VEGFRs. 

The multi-kinase inhibitor is more effective than macromolecular drugs because small molecule drugs can more effectively penetrate into pericytes, which are the intended target cells in blood vessels, to achieve more effective VEGF signal pathway inhibition. The multi-kinase inhibitor also inhibits PDGFR and FGFR, providing additional therapeutic effects for Wet AMD.