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Early Stage Pterygium


Reduce Vascularity

Mid Stage Pterygium


Regress Pterygium

Late Stage Pterygium


Prevent Post-Surgical Pterygium Recurrence

CBT-001 will Change Standard of Care

CBT-001 is a potent multi-kinase inhibitor of VEGFRs, PDGFRs, FGFRs, among other targets and can inhibit angiogenesis & fibrosis.

We re-formulated CBT-001 into an ocular solution to treat pterygium that currently has no approved drug treatment. Surgical excision is the only option and the standard of care for pterygium patients. The angiogenic and fibrotic pathogenesis of pterygium is well established. By targeting these pathways pharmacologically, we want to stop pterygium progression and eliminate the need for excision surgery.

If CBT-001 proves to be clinically safe, and efficacious and becomes approved for marketing, it will significantly improve the treatment of millions of pterygium patients by reducing the number of surgical interventions in the US and worldwide.